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At Lawson Group, owning all of our own plant is a very important part of what we do, and one of the reasons that we do it so well. Having our own extensive fleet of equipment means that we always have the right tools to hand, whatever the project we are undertaking.

Our impressive fleet includes a wide range of excavators, from small 2 tonne machines up to our 80 tonne Caterpillar 365. We have an array of hydraulic attachments including grabs, shears, multi-processors, breakers and hammers, as well as crushers and screeners, meaning we can offer on-site crushing and segregation where required.

Lawson Demolition is committed to lessening the impact of our demolition process on the environment. That is why we choose to use plant machinery that uses the latest eco-friendly technology to ensure plant emissions are kept to a minimum.

All of our Caterpillar machines has the advantage of being fitted with ACERT (Advanced Combustion Emission Reduction Technology) engines. The technology used in the fuel system of these engines means that they allow multiple fuel injections each combustion cycle. Small amounts of fuel are injected at the precise time to achieve the combined goals of fuel economy and lower emissions. In addition to this, an advanced air system provides more cool air in the combustion chamber, and crossflow cylinder heads provide a direct path of air to the engine, which in turn results in lower emissions from the plant.

Another big way in which we endeavour to help the environment is by keeping the air as clean as possible, which is why Lawson Demolition has access to state of the art dust suppressant machinery.

By making sure that every job we do is completed with the minimum environmental impact, we can ensure that our work is completed to the satisfaction not just of the Client, but those in the local area too.


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