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Recycling and Waste Management

At Lawson Demolition we don’t like waste. We take every opportunity to salvage and recycle materials for use on site or elsewhere. We support recycling initiatives wherever possible through selection of the most suitable equipment, materials and methods.    

Demolition activities produce rubble, bricks, tile and metal waste – much of which can be recycled.  For each and every project that we undertake, we produce a detailed and informative Site Waste Management Plan, so that our Clients can feel confident that their waste is being dealt with in an environmentally, economically and efficient way. We employ the latest demolition and recycling techniques to ensure that the majority of the waste from our sites is recycled – and we aim to recycle around 80% of waste on average per project.  This reduces the amount of waste going to landfill and maximises the efficiency and profitability of the site.
Lawson Demolition promotes environmental awareness and responsible waste management through strategic communication plans to assist in liaison with community representatives and regulatory agencies. We are committed to meet or exceed all legislative requirements and standards for the protection of the environment.






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